Elk Collar (Cats)

by Hunter

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For lovers of special things there is nothing better than Elk cat collars made of fine elk leather. The collar combines best material quality with highest wear comfort and appealing look. Elk leather is one of the many treasures of Scandinavia.


This particularly supple, soft and warm leather is one of the finest leathers in the world. Only the highest quality products are made using this leather. The supple leather makes the collar comfortable to wear for your cat. The smooth, soft surface is easy on your cat’s fur, it does not twinge or chafe. They go very well with the high-quality leather and the plain, no-frills design. The collar has a tiny black bell as a small playful element.


The discreet Elk cat collars suit every cat, be it a house cat or a purebred, long-haired or short-haired.


Quality is always fitting! 


Available in four colors: Red, Black, Beige, and Petrol.